HS CleanDisk Pro

HS CleanDisk Pro 5.54.1

All-in-one disk cleaner, tweaking and security management tool

HS Cleandisk is a Windows system optimizer which cleans hard disk and system registry, optimizes memory, adjust system specific settings, accelerates internet connection, maintains security as well as un-installing software no longer wanted.

It automatically detects the system and dynamically organizes itself accordingly. In short, it is a great all-in-one package.

Available Functions are:


  • File Cleaning : Search and Delete garbage, temporary files, cookies and invalid shortcuts which occupy the drives.

  • Duplicate Finder: Search and Delete files which have the same copy on the disk. (Red,Yellow,Green Icons representing how secure is to delete them)

  • Shared Folders: Locate and Disable folders which can be seen and shared by others

  • Wipe Files: Permanently delete files so they cannot be recovered even by using restoration software.


Registry Cleaning :Search and Remove invalid entries in system registry.


  • Software Uninstaller List and Uninstall software installed on the system. Detailed information such as their install location and occupied size are available.


  • CPU Information

  • Driver Information

  • Memory Defragmenter: Reclaim unused memory left from dead applications in other words, increase free memory size

  • Folder Usage: Pie chart representation of all directories located on drives. Useful when largest folders on the system are needed.

  • Folder Explorer: Sorted view of all file system. Useful when largest files or folders on the system are needed.

ADVANCED FUNCTIONS(Red,Yellow,Green Icons representing how secure is to apply them)

  • Functions: More than 10 useful Windows default tools to keep system stable and healthy: such as check disk and disk defragmenter utilities
  • Optimization: Various system, memory, cpu optimization tweaks
  • Security: Various tweaks for increasing security while using internet
  • Cleaning: Cleaning history of various applications and clipboard cleaner
  • Internet Accelerator: Tweaks related to internet connection to improve internet browsing
  • Misc: More than 10 useful tweaks related to different area or the system.
  • Applied Tasks: All applied tweaks described above can be listed in this section.

HS CleanDisk Pro


HS CleanDisk Pro 5.54.1